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Hello brave friend!

For many of us this is a day off work as we observe Martin Luther King Jr Day. For all of us today is an invitation to reflect. Dr. King was a powerful voice for nonviolent activism in the Civil Rights Movement protesting racial discrimination. Today is such a wonderful opportunity to pause, check in, and embrace how we are showing up for ourselves and the world around us.

Dr. King was an eloquent and powerful speaker whose words validated, inspired, challenged, called out, soothed and ignited. He gave voice to silence and in doing so he moved the immovable. Over the years I have watched and listened to Dr. King’s speeches and have felt stirred in so many ways. Depending on where I am in my life and what I am leaning into, I can find exactly what I need to be inspired and today is no different.

Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech is probably his most well known, and is admittedly my favorite. As I sat in reflection yesterday, I connected to the power of speaking into the world a vision of something not yet realized, with such faith in its existence that there is no question it will come to pass. The idea that, without proof, it can and will happen! One can envision, with glorious detail, the dream becoming real and bring it to life. I sat with the power of that belief and the power of that faith for a while, wondering what it would be like if we were all able to embrace our deepest longings in the same way.

I know we all have dreams for a world we long to live in. I believe we have a vision of the life we yearn for… sometimes tucked tightly inside. Most of us wake up each morning keeping that dream safely hidden, so as to protect both the dream and our hearts. In the expectations of our day to day, our dreams can be lost to the realities of living. If we pull our soul calling out into the light we risk the pain of failure, loss and shame… so they remain tenderly guarded like our hearts. And the years pass and our dreams stay hidden.

What would happen if we were brave and bold, pulled out our dreams and called them out to the universe? What might the world be like if we envisioned the life we deserved, spoke it into the open spaces and then ignited our hearts to move toward them? What joy could we inspire and achieve if we had the faith to step forward? How might the quality of your life change if you stand in your power and own that dream with all you have? And what does this even look like? Does it mean pursuing a new career fueled by passion? Is it in writing the book, launching the blog or signing up for the class? What happens when you accept the invitation to be curious and say, “YES!”

Say, “yes!”, that is your Mindful Mini invitation today! Speak life into your dreams! Stop limiting yourself and dismissing what can be. Pause and listen, find those yearning you have tucked away for safekeeping. Envision what it would look like and feel like to have a world in which your dream was a reality. Sit with that, soak it up! Then SHARE it! Share that vision with anyone and everyone around! Boldly send it out into the world so it can take wings. Even when you have no proof it will become a reality, speak it! This is how we move the immovable… we speak life into the lifeless. Your words have power. Your dreams have a place and they deserve to be lived. You deserve the life you have always imagined my brave friend, you are sooo worth it!

Yours in heart, 

Kelly Lynn Driscoll

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I empower districts to transform culture and educators to transform their lives so they are connected, fulfilled and aligned with purpose. With over thirty years experience in education and education administration, I specialize in supporting Social Emotional Learning (SEL), balance and a culture of wellness. It is my MISSION to bring joy back to education!

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